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Default Re: iTunes Issues - Workaround or What's better

Originally Posted by ric982 View Post
Thanks Musicman691 and BScout.

After googling some CD print shops (after my post) I bumped into "DDP" (as BScout also informed me) and that has lead me to a lot of stuff:

WaveLab Elements
Hofa CD-Burn.DDP.Master
Sonoris DDP Creator
Sony CD Architect
DSP Quatro (but Mac only apparently)

Have some more reading to do but this got me off the starting block.
CD Architect hasn't been updated in years. I don't believe Magix (the new owner of Sony music production s/w) even sells it. If you can get it (it's Windows only) and can run it in a modern Windows it's pretty decent.

Yes DSP Quattro is Mac only. I'd stay away from it as the developer is very slow at working on the program. Let's put it this way - the current version of the program (V5) is nowheres near as capable as V4 and Stefano doesn't seem to be capable of getting the work done. If you need a batch processor - it doesn't exist in V5 but it did in V4. Pencil tool for editing waveforms - ditto.

Neat thing with the standalone version of the HOFA program is you get to use all their plugins without paying extra. And here's a bonus - those plugins are also available inside PT as regular inserts One downer with the HOFA program - you can't use third party plugins in it

I'd seriously take a look at Wavelab Elements. 30 day fully functioning trial. Uses the Steinberg e-licenser. Now I don't know if it'll work with the software elicenser or if it needs the h/w dongle. For me it didn't matter because I have the dongle because I have other programs that need it.
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