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Default Re: C'mon Man!!!! (Pro Tools and Hyperthreading)

Let's see! Hyperthreading is two "Virtual", "Pseudo" or "Fake" cores running on one "REAL" core that require some sort of overhead in the microcode taking up cycles. These "Virtual" cores are not full speed either, you can't get something for nothing. I've been building PCs for 35 years, longer than some members here have been alive and pretty much every optimization guide I've seen for a DAW in the 1st 25-30 years of that 35 have suggested that you turn hyperthreading OFF!. The new $420 Intel i7 9700K 8 Core CPU doesn't even have hyperthreading, it's 8 cores & 8 threads, plain & simple. I just ordered parts for a new system that has a i9 9900K CPU and i'm fairly determined at this point to turn hyperthreading off. I want real cores running full-tilt boogie, not fake ones sharing cycles and if you're running a M-Audio interface with contracted, inefficient drivers it shouldn't really matter in the 1st place.

EDIT: I consider a Hackintosh to be "Off Label" use of OSX.
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