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Default Re: 25pin dsub / blue ray

Originally Posted by belasoul View Post
Since the cables won't be put long distance and i 'only' want to listen to refference mixes, not for QC Blu Ray purpose. It might be reasonable to connect unblanced Rca to dsub, or want do you think?
There are even retailers offering this type of cable:

in principle it may work, but please note:

I had a brief look at the 510 specs, the DSub is wired to the (DA88) Tascam format, so you should buy a breakout with the same pinout wiring. From what I could check on another site, the breakout cable you mentioned is wired to the same pinout norm, so it should be OK. But just in case, drop an email at the manufacturer and confirm:

Also, on the 510 user manual (page 5), itīs specified how to connect unbalanced sources to the DSub connector. Basically, by the use of twin shielded cable with pin minus (pin 3) soldered to the shield on the source side (eg. the RCA). This is one common way of doing it.

But I donīt have a clue how the cable you mentioned is wired as they only refer that the balanced side is "disposed" in the correct way.

So, before you spend any money, confirm with manufacturer if the cable is wired to Tascam format and if the unbalancing is done in the same way Audient recommends.

Hope it helps.

Paulo M
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