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Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Grabbed the demo about 6 hours ago. If you have no other synths then this isn't too bad sound-wise. If you have Arturia's Synclavier or Avenger this really won't add anything to your arsenal.

It's claim to fame seems to be harmonic synthesis with 3 oscillators. Working with the harmonics isn't easy as nothing in the gui subsection that deals with them is labeled on the x and y axis's. You really need to have the pdf manual up on your screen the first few times through. The way it works with the harmonics is a lot like a wavetable synth but there's no wavetables - it's all harmonics.

Because I am what PIA calls a heavy hitter I get a voucher code to get this at $99. Don't know yet if I'll pop for this or not as I need more time to explore it. But at full-boat of $199 it ain't worth it. And a lot of the presets have too slow an attack on the amplitude adsr. The fellow doing the demo that shows on the web page for Thorn is about as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal and doesn't really showcase the harmonics and what can be done with them. He shows a very little bit of the harmonics editor but no sound plays when he shows the operations of said editor.

An I saying don't buy this?
What I am saying is to grab the demo and really wring it out.
One more thing - be aware that the output levels of the various presets vary widely and can blow your ears out if not careful.
Nice review. Thanks.
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