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Default Re: PT 10 installation on dedicated SSD w/OS X 10.8

Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf View Post
The Internet.

What the AF?! Why the hostility?

Of course partitioning a drive is simple. The issue is what happens after I partition it: hours of phaffing around, even if I use Migration Assistant. I mean, I don't even have room on my startup drive for another partition!

And "in situ" installations... well, what issues am I having that you think makes that so bad that you think I'm unemployable?

I'll answer: the single issue I'm having is because I'm too cheap to upgrade PT, not because I don't do a clean install every time I update the OS.
What hostility? I'm just pointing out where your problem lies and that's with how you're running your system.

And I never said you were unemployable. What I wrote is that I would never bring you work considering how you manage your system. It's just begging to cause issues. Migration Assistant garnered the moniker Migration Assassin because it's totally unreliable and can mangle data. Couple that with in-situ upgrades and you are ripe for incompatibility issues.

It's not that difficult to have a decent running system if you follow a few basic rules.

If you can't handle the truth then that's not my problem. If you think I'm hostile wait until Darryll Ramm sees this thread (which I'm surprised he hasn't chimed in yet).
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