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Default Re: PT 10 installation on dedicated SSD w/OS X 10.8

Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf View Post
By the way, "how he got PT 10 to even install on Mojave" - I installed PT years ago and kept updating the OS.

Also, it's just the latest Mojave that's giving me the assertion errors. It could be for various reasons.

Also also, I don't only use PT, in fact I plan to put it on an external SSD so I can use it on different machines.

Also also also, a 128GB SSD - more than large enough to install PT 10 and all 75 billion of my plug-ins - is now $23.

Partitioning my startup drive... OUCH! Just thinking about that hurts my nether regions! :)
Your first statement is the root of all your problems - doing an in-situ update of OSX which is NOT the way to go and will lead to problems like you're having. Incompatibility reigns supreme in your system.

Make sure that ssd you put PT on that you plan to take to other machines is also a boot drive elsewise you're going to have more problems. That's not the only issue - that drive may not have the drivers for the system(s) you're going to. Am I ever glad I don't bring you work.

Partitioning a hard drive is dead simple all handled through OSX disk utility. Takes less than 5 minutes. Of course the OSX install takes longer.
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