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Default Re: HDX PT 2018 CPU Spikes AAE -9171 Halts Playback

Originally Posted by Howardk View Post
Sure wish there was a way to tame the beasts (these CPU spikes). . . Mac Pro 2010s are not working hard at all on average. . . just these short lived little CPU spikes. . . and systems without HDX cards seem to run like the wind. . .

As some people say "way above my pay grade" but I sure wish it would get dealt with.
Yeah, I've tried a few things like disabling hyper threading but the only I can get it to work reliably is with (at 96k) buffer sizes of 1024 or above. I really should try CoreAudio and see if that's an improvement, because for ITB mixing there's no real reason to use HDX... (except I do like to use outboard...)
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