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Default Re: HDX PT 2018 CPU Spikes AAE -9171 Halts Playback

Have not had the Kernel dumps in the last day or so.

I took out all cards and RAM, cleaned all card edge connectors and reseated. . . also, I was getting consistent total system crashes (system would actually restart on its' own) when I ran Digitest with an Avid 8x8x8 Interface. However Digitest would complete without crashing with no interface, or a 192 i/o or Aurora 16. I tried again with a different Mac OS Sierra System disk installed, and Digitest completed in all cases. . . very strange. . . not sure what to make of it. . .

I have also done a bunch more tests, and my system is performing much better than before. Now I can run 64 sample buffer. . . sure it will halt with an AAE -9171 within 10 minutes or so, but if i check "Ignore errors", it run hours with an intensive test session.

I have since moved the hardware and System disk back into the original machine i was working with (2.93 GHZ 2010 12 Core Mac Pro) and ran the intensive session again without Halting errors.

Things are much better. . . but not sure which exact change I made improved things.
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