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Default Re: It's 2017 and there's STILL no Plugin Manager in PT

Originally Posted by WombatStudio.Org View Post
I did find a "hidden shortcut" to add more than 2 to your favorites list here by holding down the Command key. I didn't try it yet though.
Originally Posted by TNM View Post
I would plus one a built in plugin manager, and one that also allows us to rename plugins and put them in custom groups. Would be wonderful. Not a deal breaker, but a workflow improver for sure!

Little tip.. this is how i manage my waves bundle plugins.. i go to my waves application folder, manually created a plugins unused folder there, and move the waves plugins from apps/waves/plug-ins V9 to the unused folder.. this way I have been able to de clutter the massive sprawling waves menu in PT.. and remove things like Q10 entirely that I would never use, for example, which takes up like 6 menu slots on it's own.

Both of these are great tips thanks for posting
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