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Default False advertising from Digidesign?

Maybe I’m missing something here, but am I the only one that sees a discrepancy in the audio for post side of PT for windows. Where is Postconform? It seems to me that any software that lays claim to handling post-production applications should be able to conform audio from an EDL. I already have my audio captured as .wav files and the EDL to tell PT what it should do with it, yet the ability to do this is only available for MAC? I feel like I have been duped! I didn’t spend the money I did on the best audio production system out there to find out that a simple task such as this cannot be done. On a similar note, where is MasterList CD? So I can record, edit, and master my music just to have to use another program to burn the CD? Come on guys, when are you going to start taking your PC customers seriously. I’m sorry about the inflamed tone of this post but I am sick of getting the run-around here. Are you guys at Digidesign working on this stuff? If not why not? How many other PC users feel my plight and what work-a-rounds to these problems have you implemented in the past? Thanks for your time.

- e trane
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