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Default Re: Avid's Response to the NEW Mac Pro

Originally Posted by dr sound View Post
With the existing "Trash Can Mac Pro's" for those of us wanting to use
HDX cards we had to buy this:

Right off the top we save $2 K (once the unit is set up with expansion bays).
So when you take a trashcan and lay it out it costs about $7500.00
Now these new MAC Pro's and their price seem good in comparison.
My Cheese Grater Macs cost $5K in 2012.
They have lasted 7 years so far.
If we take the cost based on 250 days a year of work, divided by
7 years it costs less than $2.86 a day!
It makes the new Macs and the flexibility and power look that more
I couldn't agree more!
In 2013, I bought my mid 2012 12 core 2.44Ghz new for $3500, upgrading to GPU RX 580 8gb, Boot drive to 1TB SSD via PICE and CPU to 3.46Ghz with 6 x 8gb ram (for triple speed) costs me about another $1,000. Most probably will get another few years out of it. Making it 10 years almost. I am pretty certain the new mac pro (not the bottom version) but the mid 16 or 24 core with its MASSIVE power and modular upgradability (1.5TB ram? really? wow, 2933Mhz speed? really again? wow) will last well into the 2030's if not even longer. I am sure there will be a time where 1.5Tb of ram and 28 cores hyper threaded at 56 cores with up to 8 PCIE slots will become unusable, but that is well over a decade from now. The only issue is you'll need to install solar panels for the 1.21 gigawatts power needed.
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