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Default PT 2019.5 plug-in efficiency

Doing it the way you outlined is also advisable on Macs.

Yes it will more than likely work fine just doing an in situ update, but erasing and starting fresh means you’re not keeping old, potentially outdated extensions, preferences etc. that could potentially create issues further down the track.

People say car analogies are silly, but I think they’re bang on. Unless your mechanic is a total muppet, when doing a service, they’re not just topping up the oil are they? They flush it out, add the correct amount and type of fresh oil and when necessary, change the filter.

Imagine how your car would eventually run if you didn’t do that. IMHO, the same applies with your computer

BTW - 2019.5 seems to the running really well for most of us using it. I can confirm much better performance than any of the 2018 releases I ran.

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