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Exclamation Protools 8 New look, old look! Discussion


Please write here only your opinion regarding the new look

First me:

I am really frustrated.

I do postproduction and so have to do heavy and longterm edits.
I work very quick but........

After a few minutes working wit PT8 my eyes started to get tired.
They started burning and now after 2 hours working i stopped and started to write this post.

I really do not like the new interface.

- It is much to dark.

- Even when set the brightness to maximum the things are hard to read.

- Contrast is low and makes things hard to read

- Waveforms are much to dark especially when selected.

- Some popup windows have dark grey background and white text. Does anyone like dark websites with white small text? Do you remeber the rumour when the new duc started in a dark design?

- In the black air plugins it is hard to see what is adjusted. You have to look very long at the knobs to see what is adjusted. Look at the old plugins that still look the same. Here you see immediately what is going on

- volume curves laying over the waveforms are hard to see, especially when the waveforms are selected and get very dark.

- volume curves are a way to thin

- interface looks flat and has no dimension I cannot explain it in english

- When set the saturation to low to get the interface more brighter you can hardly see when an insert has made inactive

During the time i wrote this post my eyes feel much better now.
Here on the duc my eyes relaxed.

Believe me: I can not work with this new interface
I really lost my speed and I have the feeling that this user interface will give me long term problems.

Please give us back the opinion to switch back to the old look or at least do a dramatical improvement.

I could not believe that someone really can work 12 Hours a day with this interface.

I will get back to 7.4.
I hope very much that there will be a solution for this problem
I do not believe that I am alone.

Thanks for reading

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