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Default Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"

Please understand that we canít simply retrofit every ProControl ever sold for free, that's not a good business practice!
Either is selling ****ty equipment for a lot of money.

itís normal for sustaining engineering to implement improvements, but rarely does it mean a complete retrofit of an entire product line.
When a car company sells a defective car it gets re-called and fixed without charge.

However, we feel it is fair to ask current users to pay $395 for the upgrade because it is a replacement for what they already have that has always worked as advertised.
Worked as advertised? Oh please.....yeah it works but not well......hell the MUTE switch doesn't MUTE.......there's one case of it not working how advertised. The buttons are noisy (I don't remember reading about that in the blurbs), out of phase master outs (i don't remember reading that in the spec section either)

This probably all sounds like marketing hooey to all of you
Too right it does.

I'll be writing to every magazine about this one, i'm totally outraged that we have to pay for fundamentals that should work from day 1......geeez we have to pay for the "luxury" of clean/noiseless buttons, in phase outputs, and a mute that mutes.

I assumed that these problems would get fixed sooner or later but I cant beleive it's going to cost me close to $1000 aussie dollars to get it working PROPERLY.

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