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Default Re: 24 0r 32 bit float

Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
My 16 bit tests showed that files first dithered to 24 bits sounded better than 32 bit float files when they were were subsequently dithered to 16. Writing processing to 32 float makes sense if you are going to be doing radical additional processing or gain changes but dithered 24 seems to retain image size and low level harmonics better if you are only making minor changes.

64 bit float or 32 bit fixed intermediate process files are a different story but 32 float is still for all intensive purposes a truncated 24 bit file.

Bob if you dont mind and just to be clear and dumb it down a little , as of protools 10 do you set your session up as 24bit or 32 float?, interleaved or no?
if 32 , do you dither to 24bit first/, then to 16 bit when you make a cd? Whats your process to dither from 32 to 24, is it with the plugin or another method?
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