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Default Re: 24 0r 32 bit float

the quantization noise is lower when you are working with lower levels. Thatīs a thing everyone can hear. The SNR is more enhanced than with lower Bit-Levels.
Your audio still goes in and out thru 24 bit converters. Thus giving you a fix quantisation error before the signal even reaches PT. And even 24-bit converters have a quantisation error way below the noise floor of all your analogue front end: mics, pres, amps, speakers (assuming proper gain structure). Recording audio in 32 bit makes little sense to me.

You do have a valid point about processing. Higher bit-rates make perfect sense when summing or processing. Plug-ins should be of higher bit-rate and they are: 48-bit linear in TDM, 32-bit float in most native DAWs. But recording audio files to disk... I really don't see the point.

Thatīs a thing everyone can hear.
Are you sure you can hear the quantisation-error level difference between two audio files recorded thru the same 24-bit converter, one recorded in 32-bit float, the other recorded in 24-bit linear?
I'd be seriously impressed if you identified the 32-bit-float file in a blind test.

My two cents.

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