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Default Re: Pro Tools AAX Plug-In Latency Chart

Originally Posted by Tweakhead View Post
I don't know if anyone has done this before me, but I tried to find a master chart on both the DUC, and on the internet - and I couldn't find one.

I have therefore created a Google Spreadsheet entitled - "Pro Tools AAX Plug-In Latency Chart"

I thought that it might be useful to have a central place where this information can be entered, edited, and viewed.
The headers are only editable by me, but the entire chart can have information entered by anyone who accesses the chart.

Obviously, information can be deleted too - so I will try to make frequent backups.
Of course you can also download the spreadsheet in just about any format yourself (Excel, PDF, etc).
So please use responsibly !

Feel free to give me any feedback if you guys think the layout can be improved.
If this already exists somewhere else, please let me know and I'll delete mine.

Pro Tools AAX Plug-In Latency Chart
this would be nice if it Lived at the Top of the Forum !!! Sticky or whatever it is called .. like where the Help Us Help You Link is !!!

thx for doing this .. i suppose we can submit some PLugins to you, as some of us may have ones that others do not .. !!

cheers john
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