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Default Re: Will Avid ever add folders and why keep BS'ing about fixes that aren't there?

Originally Posted by TNM View Post
That's correct.. The only work around is to put the MAIN ruler as samples, and the project *must* load with this ruler already set that way, and then it works. If you use bars and beats or any other as main rulers, it snaps to the wrong value.. on windows it doesn't do this and works perfectly. It's an acknowledged bug. Can you imagine when I knew the exact amount of latency I had to move something to get it phase perfect, and I was going nuts as I KNEW i had moved it the right amount and was still out of phase? LOL! I then finally tracked it down to realising it wasn't putting it where I asked.. It's a known bug with no timeline to fix.

Re performance, I have been expanding my performance testing and I know what's wrong.. PT used to allow me to use about 85+% real cpu on playback (for example I could get it to almost 700% of maximum 800% of an 8 thread machine.. which was amazing..and this was consistent up to PT 2019), when no tracks were record armed.. It would spread it so perfectly and be ridiculously efficient. With 2019, it's gone to about 65% max and it still might burp and stutter and overload.. This is why performance is much lower than Logic now where as before, as long as you had a 128 buffer or higher, it was actually in the lead. On the flip side, Logic is now able to use 85% of your total real cpu/cores where as prior it was about 70%. So, Logic's performance has been continually improved, and Pro Tools has gone backwards..

Of course I want to talk to support about it but they obviously have no clue what they are doing when it comes to the engine.. its like.. someone programmed it and now they have gone, and some trainees are maintaining it and making it worse.. That's the only thing I can think of. I really can not understand when I had months worth of emails with support about performance, and they said they knew all about it and could reproduce it, and they were fixing it (it was supposed to be fixed December last year latest), it's gotten a lot worse.
I have real projects, not benchmark tests, that really taxed the mac with PT 12.. and they can not even get close to playing back on the same mac now.
I have had to move those projects to the iMac Pro, where they will play back cause of the massive extra overhead vs the quad core laptop.

At this stage I am just not sure what to do.. I know that come December 2020 I will need 340 AUD to continue, or maybe even more if our dollar keeps dropping.. So part of me wants to go and buy literally 4 more years worth of those discounted renewals at Thomann as they still have them in stock, but the other part of me think that we might be exactly where we are now in 4 years, I'll be 50 and still whinging about PT lol.
MAYBE if support listen to me and understand what I am saying, that it stops playback with a much lower load than it did before.. maybe they will fix it...
Who knows.

I do remember that there was a 12.x point release with a performance issue like this, and they fixed it in the next release.. so maybe?? I am truly stuck. It's all money, and I am tired of giving it to ungrateful people.

Does anyone ever get the feeling that Avid board members sit back and literally hysterically laugh at us for continuing to give them money? I promise you that's how I feel sometimes, like I am their fool.. and it's a real uneasy feeling. Then other times I get a glimmer of hope and defend them (folders).. But that was a LIE!
They don't even say.. "sorry about that, there's a delay, it's coming soon".. or.. something! They just expect us to be good little sheep and comply.

One thing I truly DO wish is that every single person on the planet that uses Pro Tools, suddenly stopped renewing it, whether sub or perpetual.. so they'd actually be forced to sell, or would come to us, the users, to get a list of things that they HAVE to get done. I know it's a dream to think that but I really wish it could happen.
Hard to disagree with this.

I have been using Auto-Align for too long it seems.... Gonna have to give the nudge thing a try! Damn...
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