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Default Re: Corrupt Pro Tools session


If the information is important enough to you or your clients you can take the hard drive to a Data/File recovery facility that retrieves the information off the patters of the drive. Here is a list of businesses that we have in our database:
DriveSavers, 800-440-1904
Ontrack, 800-752-7557, +181 974 5522 (UK), +130 815 198 (GER).
Lazarus, 800-341-3282
Total Recall, 800-743-0594
Data Recovery Technology, 408-249-1986
On-Time Mac Service, 415/356-6263
Peripheral Outlet, 405/332-6581

End Users seem to have sucsess with Disk Warrior which is made by Alsoft and their URL is here:

On a whim try Norton volume recovery if you haven't recorded any more information on the drive which would write over the old information...but the software really doesn't work that well.

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