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Default Re: Protools Ultimate - can use virtual outputs like - Rogue Amoeba

Originally Posted by Justanaudioguy View Post
Ok so I must be missing something. MAC OS Sierrra 12.10.6 Running PT Ultimate 2018.10.0 with a single HDX Card, HD i/o, HD MADI.

Analog 1/2 feeds Main out to speakers and 6 feeds phone patch.
Digital is setup for 9 -10. Toslink cables going to CPU for i/o to internal card.

I get sound off internet and can record anything - ok part of the battle.
If I loop back test with ipdtl I get the loop - loop - loop - so I'm guessing that's just figuring out the mix minus issue there. BUT

The company has a ipdtl 4 x licence. The goal here is; using ipdtl record two voiceover talents and use ipdtl to also call the conference number so creative can direct talent and send a link to a TBD video conference all at the same time. So I need 8 streams of audio.

We have the Nexus software. I see it has 24 I/O sub channels. ipdtl only sees "A" n "B" not the individual channels. Loopback sees the sub channels though.
Do I need an other third party I/O card to get more channels? Is the internal mac optical only stereo?

I looked at setting up and PT aggregate but the HDX card is NOT in the list of devices. So this brings me back to- DO i need a third party I/O?

OR are we stuck and have to set up the ipdtl x 4 via MADI on another computer? : (
Let me check in with my post guys. They use Nexus and ipDTL and hardware similar to yours, every day, and it's super-slick and without issues.
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