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Default EdiCue v3 released

I'm proud to announce the release of EdiCue v3. Here is a list of what's included in this major update:
  • New 64bit app with updated user interface that is macOS dark mode and HiDPI compatible
  • PDF layouts that can be designed to customise every element including adding logos and selecting which fields to display
  • Controls to style the ADR cue 'Line' text to bold, italic, underline or set the color of the text
  • A 'Segment List' to allow cueing of multiple reels or episodes in a single session
  • The option to export PDFs with editable fields so that TBW PDFs can be edited
  • Detail rows in the ADR summary to breakdown each character by Priority, Cue Status, Reason or Reason Category
  • Additional fields in each cue including a new BVox (Breaths and Vocals) checkbox
  • New 'token' setting fields to customise the contents of the exported filenames and cue numbers
  • Updated Import ADR Data window that automatically aligns the destination fields
  • New PDF data import option to import data from edited fields in an EdiCue PDF. E.g. TBW PDF
  • Production settings file can now be stored in a custom location. E.g. external or network drive

Here's a video outlining the new features:

For a full list of features see this blog post. You can also download and install EdiCue v3, where it will provide the option to activate a three day trial license when first run. Running EdiCue v3 will not effect any EdiCue v2 files.

NOTE: EdiCue v3 requires either macOS 10.10+ or Windows 8+, while EdiCue v3 licenses require a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or sharable iLok license.
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