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Originally Posted by PatJo View Post
I'm really stuck here. I cannot access the project that I have been working on for months. How do I get at least the audio back from the cloud?

FYI, I have just done a disk size check on my Project Cache directory on my local disk and the total size of that is 268MB and I only have 2 projects so I have no idea why my cloud thinks I have over 1GB of space used because I just don't. I'm hoping that all the audio files are still there so I can get them back.

Can anyone help me get my files back from the cloud? Please! I'm desperate here.
By the look of your cloud storage account, it seems that you've reached more than 1 GB. A workaround is you can register, download and install the Pro Tools Ultimate trial, this way, you can convert your Projects in to Sessions.

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