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Default Re: PT12.8, DnxHD, Lagging....


DNxHD36 is good.
I suspect there is a difference between the video's (other codec, resolution, frame size ...)
When video's with different properties are on the same video track, Pro Tools starts lagging.
Try to put the video's on different video tracks (one on each track) and see if the lagging disappears or reappears with a certain video.
If so, and you need them on the same timeline, you can transcode them in Da Vinci Resolve (for .mxf video - free) or MPEG streamclip (for .mov - free) to video's with exactly the same properties.
(Oh... You do have the video's on a separate and fast enough hd, right?)
(Also check the video track output corresponds with the aspect ratio/frame rate. On mac - holding cmd gives you more options while clicking on the video track output)

Good luck!

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