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Default Re: >does not play 48mhz with playback

Originally Posted by Thywingedfallen View Post
into Pre-Amp FF ISA Two Focusrite Dual Mono Mic Pre
goes into the mbox
Via what connector?

Look it's getting late here in Texas so I will assume various things

Output of the isa via xlr - into the mbox - mbox has a switch (I don't have a newer one) or a software button that toggles the input b/t mic/line mic being the xlr and line being the 1/4"trs

Then u have to go into PT and create mono audio track and select the input on that track (via mixer window is easiest)

Then record enable - it will give u sound and a signal inside PT

- 2 words of advice - read the manual on the topics ur having issues with and

Spend a couple of hours on YouTube watching videos of what u wanna do- there are lots of videos out there

Prosit - I'll check in tomorrow and see how ur doing !
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