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Default Re: Balanced or Unbalanced? Does it matter?

Originally Posted by tommytime555 View Post
Wow -- So I've been going out of the "SEND" 1/4" to the 002.... Am I gonna notice a massive difference by going XLR to TRS (I/O Out)?
The Focusrite ISA One has both unbalanced and balanced connections. The unbalanced connections on the front permit a TS "instrument in" to pass-through to an amp. For recording a guitar, bass or keyboard, you could use unbalanced cable to your 002 from the front panel "TS" output, but it is typically used so the artist can monitor their playing with zero latency, or so the engineer can mic up a cabinet at the same time as recording a dry signal. The right and left "Cue Mix" inputs are TRS, and permit a zero latency foldback.

The connections on the rear are balanced, and permit TRS ins and outs for several scenarios. Depending on whether you have selected "mic," "line" or "instr," anything connected will come out of both the "main output" and the insert "send." The main output is balanced XLR, the insert send is balanced TRS.

For "instrument" output, the "DI Output" is XLR and carries only the unbalanced input to the front 1/4" TS connnection, regardless of whether "mic," "line," or "inst" is selected on the front panel. This allows you to simultaneously record whatever is plugged into the unbalanced TS on the front panel independent of what is connected to either the TRS "line in" or XLR "mic in."

With cable runs of less then ten feet, you most likely can use either, but you should use the correct cable for whatever connection you pick! TRS and XLR balanced cables have better isolation from EMI and RFI.
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