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Default Assertion in line 525 prevents PT from launching

I've run into a serious problem here, with Pro Tools refusing to launch and telling me the following:
Could not complete your request because Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/vb_joplin/AlturaPorts/NewFileLibs/CoreFoundation/MacBuild/.../.../Sys/MacOS/Sys_FileUtilsMacOS.cpp", line 525 while creating "Library" while creating "Application Support" while creating "Digidesign" while creating "Databases" while creating "Unicode".

Then it stops at DAE Loaded and just sits there. I've trashed all prefs multiple times, deleted databases from al hard drives, repaired permissions. This PowerMac G5 is in a professional studio and has been running for years until a hard drive failure caused us to carbon copy clone the sysHD for future use. We have tried running from both the old hd and the new ccc:d hd (presently running). Yesterday, this problem seemed to rectify itself once and then pt ticked on like a clock; today it won't launch.

Please help...

PowerMac G5 2x2GHz
MacOS 10.4.8
Pro Tools HD 7.4
2x digi 192, 1x digi MIDI
Two internal SATA HD:s (one SAmsung running the os now and one maxtor sitting idle with the old OS)
I just wanna do engineering...

(as opposed to make music :/ )
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