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Default Re: Sudden problem (-50) error; can\'t save

I have just had the same thing happen to me. I can see the file in the audio files folder but when I try to import it, PT says "aif1.01 is unreadable by pro tools"
When I finished my recording I got an (-50) error; can't save message.
I had changed the folder during the recording process. Also when I Apple key I (info) the file It says that it's 335 megs.

Does anybody have a work around in mind?
You need to look at either "save session data as" to create a new session (and include all audio) or open a new session and use "import session data"

Moral of this session is, don't changed folder/names/detaisl during a session!!!

Also trash Digi databases on all volumes to refresh them all.

PT MAC Troubleshooting...

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