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Default Best Laptops for PTLE

Updated 1/13/07

Current recommendation is to get the new MacBook or MacBook Pro for PTLE. They will also run on Windows XP using either BootCamp or Parallels software making them the most versatile laptop on the planet. I highly recommend using OSX with PTLE however. If you have ever had a virus on your computer you will appreciate OSX.

Digidesign Recommended Laptops (from compatiblity pages)

Best Notebook Forum on the Web

MacBook Pro or MacBook Dual Core or Core 2 Duo Intel 2Ghz or higher. Get at least 1GB of ram.

And Dude, DON'T buy a Dell!

Nuff said!

For those PC diehards that want less computer for more money this applies to you:

Installing Standard PC

If you are running into recording errors do one of the following two:

1. Disable the "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" in the device manager.

2. I highly recommend switching from ACPI to Standard PC by reinstalling WinXP and using the F5 option during install to switch to Standard PC. Reformatting will also remove any unwanted programs and give you a clean computer. I recommend installing WinXP SP1 if using PTLE version prior to 6.9, or update your Pace drivers to the most current version. You can use your SP2 disc authorization numbers to register an SP1 install if needed.

While the above link is the current recommended list by Digi, we realize that Digi is not able to test every laptop made and most of these laptops are discontinued. For this reason, I encourage people to participate here. Please list your system specs below and let us know what is working and what isn't. Include your Davec Performance Test results also. Just copy and paste the following list into your post and fill in the information.

Digi Hardware:
PTLE Version:
Laptop Name and Model #:
Ram type and Amt.:
Hard Drive Config.:
Firewire Card or Connection (Name and Model#):
Test Results:
Dverb Test Results:
Recommendation1-5) 1= Highly, 5=Sending it Back

Thanks everyone for your help here in making Windows PTLE a powerful, fun, enjoyable, and professional recording platform!

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