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Default Mbox Pro 3rd Gen with MacBook Pro Mid 2015 and Mojave - MBoxPro App not seeing device

Hi all,

I hope somebody can help. Since upgrading to Mojave (off the back of the 2019.5 release) I cannot, for the life of me, get the MBox Pro application to see my Mbox Pro 3rd Gen.
History - All was working fine on High Sierra. Nothing with regards to hardware has changed.

Changes - Update to Mojave 10.14.4, latest MOBX Pro Driver, the .6 release.

Further testing / elimination / etc.
- Same workflow works 100% on Mac Pro Early 2013, which was also upgrade from 10.13.3 and latest drivers, etc. Exactly the same workflow (i had all the same as the Mac Pro's I support at the university I am a technician at so that there's parity with testing)
- I installed a clean install of Mojave 10.14.4 onto a USB 3.0 hard drive, then installed the MBOX Pro drivers, so nothing else on the build, except Mojave and MBox. With this mounted on my Macbook Pro Mid 2015, still doesn't see the MBox Pro 3 in the MBox Pro app.

Looking at the SYSTEM REPORT for my Macbook Pro, the MBox Pro 3 is listed in the Firewire section as a connected device... So....

I opened a new, spare MBox Pro that we had in a box. Connected it to my Macbook Pro. Guess what... A notification came up saying that the MBox needed its firmware updated, please wait. As we'd expect from an older MBox Pro 3, as the driver installed on the Macbook should and did notice that the firmware was not up to date. after the update, did the Mbox Pro app see the devicer? "Hardware Not Connected", no it did not. Yet it is listed in the System Report. This MBox also works on any of the Mac Pro 2013 computers that I updated (using all of the same installers).

My Macbook Mid 2016, Retina i7, is supported according to Avid KB. I raised this with tech support and they said I need to "buy a cone time support case". Why? I don't need support, I'm highlighting a fault in their driver, surely??????

Does anybody have a similar set up and the same results, or perhaps things worked for them?

Thank you in advance for any further suggestions for testing.


p.s. I've been using Pro Tools since version 3, am a Pro Tools 200 Level ACI, and know my way around a Mac, so if you have any in depth solutions, please don't hesitate, happy to try anything further. (hopefully it's just something silly and I've forgotten a simple button push!!!!)

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