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Default Re: New Computer time! - Mac Pro 2009 vs Mac Mini pros and cons..

Originally Posted by RedEyeJedi View Post
Thanks Again Jack!

Thats good advice. i think it will be better, to look at getting a more modern system to save pain down the line. Im quite keen on the mac mini - i can get a really good deal on it and its a little beast. especially if i can get 64GB ram i it.

I have dropped the slave completely and turned off the internet
Did a Pro Tools session for about 4-5 hours yesterday - running prerty high on RAM at like 80%

Was working great - then computer just randomly shut down.
Im gonna pull up a session now, deactivate all background apps and processes and the internet and see if it still chokes out.
A thought just came to me - do you have some kind of utility that measures/shows temps on what's inside the computer? I wonder if it's going into some kind of heat related shutdown or throttling? That's something I'd take a look at with a Mini. Like you say they're small (got a 2010 here for internet & Photoshop) and I know that when running YouTube video it gets way hot.
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