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Default Re: Softube Sale! 50% Off Volume 4

Originally Posted by koka View Post

Im looking the same ,but there is no some essential plug in Volume 4 bundle

1. Dynamite
2. Weiss Compressor Limiter
3. Weiss Deess

A lot of Useless Plugins in Volume 4 Bundle but a lott
I guess the Weiss Limiter is the first one I am after. The rest of the Weiss are nice to have of course!

I have the Dynamite from way back. I can't say I use it much. I think the new version might have a mix knob which would make it more user friendly? I think I'll get into it sooner or later! A bit like the Eventide Omnipressor, it has a unique sound which is well worth spending time with.

Still deliberating here. The affordable plugin options keep coming, that is for sure

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