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Default Re: 33 day countdown! Time to stick?

Originally Posted by Cutlerbri View Post
Stephen, I've been using the lockdown time to learn Logic Pro X. Like you I've been a Pro Tools user for many years. Logic is a wonderful DAW. I don't know what your work flow is like or the nature of your sessions but I find I can do anything that I did in Pro Tools with Logic. Some things even better.

If you're a sound designer and do a lot of heavy editing in the Edit Window, I can see sticking with PT. If you're running a big studio with lots of engineers using lots of inputs, PT is still likely the langua franca that is common to all.

But if your operation involves making music, both with audio and especially with MIDI, Logic Pro X delivers amazing value. And you'll spend far more time getting work done and less time being an IT guy.

My Avid renewal comes up in December. They won't be getting my money.
OK bro, I hear you.
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