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Default Upgrading: Beginner Style

Hello, all. I am a beginner at using Pro Tools. I purchased the Fast Track USB and the installed software is Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8. I want to use my keyboard with Pro Tools and I found out a few minutes ago that I have to buy the full version. My question is this: If I have Pro Tools M-Powered 8, do I choose option #2 below? I certainly don't see Pro Tools 8 as an option when buying and I am assuming 'MP' stands for M-Powered. I wanted to ask first before I moved forward with my purchase. Thanks.

1. Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 - I don't have this one.
2. Crossgrade from Pro Tools MP - Is this what I would choose if I have M-Powered 8?
3. Crossgrade from Pro Tools LE.

Thanks, again, for helping a beginner me:)
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