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Default Re: Why do we have to pay Avid to stop being mediocre?

Originally Posted by pfo View Post
You will be granted at least a couple years of PT9 support
No, I'm not. "Support" by definition means treating your software as if it's the newest version, and ALL the team efforts are going towards updating that software.
Since Pro Tools 10 is out, they'll give "pity updates" to PT 9 people, but obviously 10 is the main center of attention now! That equates to less than a year of support.

Originally Posted by pfo View Post
I realize that choosing not to update is not as simple as people like to suggest. As third party companies begin dropping support, it gets much trickier. You'd have to commit that computer to audio only (not exactly a crazy or new concept), and never update the OS beyond whatever version was the latest supported.

But it might be worth it, for that "classic Pro Tools HD10 sound."
It's not worth it. And not updating an OS is pretty easy in comparison! Choosing not to update a software like Pro Tools is a double edge sword, mainly because the company is now putting most of their effort into the new awesome super features of Pro Tools 10 - when you just paid full price, less than a year ago, for a "CURRENT" DAW that's supposed to compete with all other DAWs in the market.

Now everyone who bought Logic, DP, Reaper or Cubase at the same time I bought Pro Tools 9 are going to be using the very latest version of their software for at least the next year. But not me! I'm already outdated.

Why would Avid think they are allowed to put their customers in that situation? Why do they think they deserve a special treatment and a special understanding of their flawed business practices?
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