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Hi Albee!

Thank you for your reply again! I did fortunately sort the problem, it had to do with the settings of the mutant brain (i bought it second hand, the guy had reconfigured it) and a sysex sorted it out and I'm extremely happy!

To answer your questions, I was exactly looking to trigger drum machines through midi, and the brain worked great. I used to do everything inside pro tools with my current plug ins so its already very adventurous of me to even add new gear but its been fun rather than overwhelming once the technical glitch was sorted. For silent way, you're right, I would have to upgrade (or revert to my Win8). Fortunately modular stuff will just work with the midi triggers so i should be ok for a little while (if i successfully fix the scratchy pot on the mbox!). About to start a new post of woes so maybe see you there, hope you're keeping well!
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