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Default [contest] Mixage Fou in 80 Sec

Hi Protools users,

The "Mixage Fou" contest ("Crazy Mix") is open till the 3 of june

For informations the idea is to make a sound creation of 80 sec (max) with a unique sound bank. It is possible to create with only some of the sounds but it is forbidden to add new ones.

All effects and sound transformations are allowed...

For the 4th year it is possible to create in stereo, but also in 5.1, in 7.1 and in auro-3d 9.1

Here is the contest website :

There are some really nice prizes to win this year including a workshop of 2 days to mix in WFS format (spatial sound over many speakers), softwares licences, money and more...

Please feel free to ask me for more infos or just give a feedback about the sound bank (there are some really rare sounds in it).
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