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Default Protools LE Plug in Delay Compensation

Hello to all,

I have just bought the magnificent Protools LE with the 003 Rack and I am running it on a Mac Pro computer. I have been really strugglng to find definitive information about the delay compensation feature implemented? to compensate for delay resulting from using plug ins (which have inherent latency) as inserts on tracks.

The electronic pdf Digirack Plug Ins Guide states on page 13 that Delay Compensation is enabled on Pro Tools LE and can not be turned off. The white paper by Dusty DiMercurio on the Digidesign website states in its second paragraph that Pro Tools LE does NOT have Automatic Delay Compensation. Despite this discrepancy, from a conversation I had last week with my retailer, I now understand that LE does have delay compensation but only up to a maximum of 1024 samples or the selected H/W buffer size. Based on this concept I tested the RTAS plug in delays on the plug ins that came with my LE purchase.

I recorded a mono audio guitar track and then duplicated it. I inserted a short time adjuster plug in to both tracks. ( I had to use the time adjuster on both tracks because the time adjuster has an inherent delay of 4 samples which is not delay compensated to allow the tool to be used as an adjuster) I then inverted the phase on one time adjuster and heard silence as a result of full phase cancellation between the two tracks. I then started inserting RTAS plug ins to just one track as a way of seeing if any were creating a delay. I tested every RTAS plug in that I have presently got.

Only two RTAS plug ins had delay.

1) The Amplitude 1.X LE had 68 samples of delay. ( This delay appeared in the vol/pk/dl window ) Inserting it did not let me hear the guitar and so I assume this plug in is delay compensated.

2) The Digirack Expander/Gate dyn 3 mono showed 96 samples of delay and DID allow me to hear the guitar. By adding 96 samples to the time adjuster on the other track I was able to hear silence again. This plug in produces a delay and is not Delay Compensated.

So I conclude that some RTAS are Delay Compensated and others not.

Can anyone tell me why this is please?

Does Pro Tools not recognise the Digi Rack Expander/Gate?

Is it because the Epander /Gate has a look ahead function?

Will I have to check every plug in that I use to double check on the implementation of the Delay Compensation feature?

I have registered with the DUC service only today and I am really hoping that someone can help me. The retailer is getting angry with my calls becasue his knowledge base is challenged and I am not making a purchase.

Thank you all in advance,
Kind Regards
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