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Default Pro Tools 11/10 hanging on startup, crashing Mac Pro :(

So I just updated from 10.6.8 to 10.8.4 and installed 11 on my Mac Pro 3,1 after years of a relative rock steady Pro Tools 9 setup.. and it has been a headache from the start. Downloaded from Avid, and it always hangs with a spinning ball at "Initializing Audio Engine" for about 5-6 MINUTES before continuing on to allow me to work. In addition, Pro Tools 10 also hangs for the same length of time, but instead when "Setting up MIDI".

I searched online, and found a post from DigiSupt saying this may happen if installed without clean uninstalling the previous Pro Tools, so I wiped both and did a fresh install.

No luck.

And as of today, my trusty Mac Pro has crashed 6 times with Pro Tools open.

Why did I ever do this upgrade?? I am losing valuable hours of productivity, and the first 2 crashes happened DURING a paid session. UNCOOL.

Anyone have ANY ideas whatsoever?
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