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Default Re: Setup RME ADI-2 Pro FS for use in Pro Tools 12?

I'm not really familiar with the RME interfaces, but do you have it set up as follows?

Start the ASIO software and select ASIO MADIface USB as the audio I/O device or the audio
The sample rate is set by the ASIO application. The buffer size (latency) is set in the RME Settings dialog.

The number of available channels depends on the current Class Compliant mode: 2 channels
I/O when set to Stereo, 6 in / 8 out when set to Multi-channel. See chapter 14.1.3. Note: changing the CC-Mode requires to temporarily disconnect the ADI-2 Pro from the computer.
The ASIO 2.2 driver supports sample rates up to 768 kHz in PCM format. DSD record/playback
is supported as DoP within ASIO as well as via ASIO native. ASIO Direct Monitoring (ADM) is
not supported.

The ASIO software in this case would be Pro Tools.
Will K

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