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Default Re: USB C or Thunderbolt interface

I use a thunderbolt Focusrite Clarett 8x just for the interface, but to get to my MacBook Pro (which only has usb C) I use an adapter. From there I'm running an ADAT optical cable to the A/D card of a Focusrite Isa 428 mk 1! kind of complicated but it's working.
The ISA 428 is kinda neat because with it's card option I can use any preamps or outboard gear I want with nice results. My only desire is to try different tape emulators to get the "analog" vibe going, because I do mostly acoustic instruments and am looking for a vintage sound. I have a distressed and 6176 but I have yet to get that "tape" sound.

would love to hear any ideas...or gear. seriously looking at the Rupert Neve 5042 tape machine... don't want the 500 module because I don't want the expense of adding a lunchbox
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