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Default Re: On Board Raid or PCI Raid Adapter ???

Thanks Allen,
Obviously I don't have a Digi001 system yet. Everything I have researched so far says, ignore raid and invest in a good dedicated hard drive. There are quite a few new P4 Motherboards supporting DDR coming out so I'll be looking at those. The Asus A7V266-E sounds pretty good from others experience, but I wonder why they don't experience the VIA PCI problems that others encounter. I think Asus uses the same VIA southbridge chipset as other Mother Board Manufacturers do.
I am not an Intel fan, BUT, with the new 2.2 North chips running faster front side buses and operating much much cooler then AMD, I have to seriously consider them.
I know at least that the computer I build will be able to run very quietly and in a small recording area that I have, that must also be a consideration. I hope to record mostly acoustic instruments and vocals.

Thanks again for the information. I am trying to do as much homework as possible and these forums are very helpful.
"So it goes", Kilgore Trout
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