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Default Re: On Board Raid or PCI Raid Adapter ???

We've had more problems with the Intel chipsets actually than the VIA chipsets. I would stick with what is working, not just here for Digi001, but also for other audio systems since you may want to add on in the future. If you want to experiment with the newer P4s then I say go for it. Make sure it is the new "Northwood" processor. As far as the Promise controller VS. RAID setups, I haven't seen one setup where RAID improved performance so far. The ATA100 TX2 or ATA133 controllers by Promise have boosted performance by as much as 40% on many systems without using a RAID configuration. Just put the drives on the Promise controller card or onboard Promise channels and use the IDE for CDRW, DVD etc. Put system drive on Port A and audio on Port B. Can have up to 4 drives on the Promise controllers.
The best performing motherboards right now are the A7M266, A7V266E, GA7DX, GA7DXR with the AMD XP 1800 or above. About 40% better performance than the P4s with similar processors. That may change with the new P4 northwood processors though.
Good luck.
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