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Default Pro Tools resetting preferences. PT11

This happens to me every few months and is starting to get old.

Today, I launched Pro Tools and noticed that all (or at least most) of my preferences have been cleared. Everything from the dialogue box that appears after launching PT relating to templates, to my favorite plugins stored in the plugin menu, to recently open sessions, to the waveforms having outlines. It's basically like I launched Pro Tools for the first time.

What the hell causes this? The most annoying part is reserving all my favorite plugins again as favorites (using command + selecting plugin). I do have a time machine backup of everything but I've never gotten clear answer as to where the prefs file is that stores that info.

The only thing I did last night was repair disk permissions and restart the computer, something I do quite regularly without PT prefs resetting. I'm tired of losing settings every few months.

Can anybody help here?
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