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Default Re: Pro Tools 12 Not responding

Did that in vain but thx again.
I`ll leave it for now the pc is too small for pro tools anyway.
My main DAW is Sonar x3 on the same pc and it can handle a 40 track project with plugins and synths easly.
I will build another pc for Pro tools in the coming months.
At the moment I only use pro tools to transfer projects with other studios,the main work is done in Sonar.
I can make 2 statements know that i have both software on the same monitors.

1 is that as a work flow sonar is much better specialy if you have a digital mixer where you can do all the routings without using cpu power.

2 Pro tools sound much better when working with audio, i loaded some projects of bands i recorded in sonar, on pro tools they sound fuller,better sort of.

Just my 2c
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