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Default Re: GUI not able to select ERXP amps

Yup. We did this last time. But even before that....I was able to select the amps. For some reason, they are gone from the GUI...even after the re-install. For example....on the 11R Bogner Red, it shows a Soldano model on the GUI. I can't access it properly on the GUI and as soon as I touch a setting on the screen, it changes a whole bunch of other settings.

The unit itself works just fine. I just was hoping that I could use the GUI...but alas....looks like it'll never work for me. I'm wondering if I need to do a complete re-install of Pro Tools for this to work properly?

I'm seriously thinking that perhaps I'll move to a software solution - Amplitube or Overloud TH2 for the GUI end of things.

again, really frustrated.
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