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Default GUI not able to select ERXP amps

Hi Gents,

Had this problem previously with the amps not displaying in the Pro Tools 9 GUI. Now it's happening again and not fixing with the usual methods of trashing the files in the plug-ins folder and re-loading them to the computer.

I can't select any of the ERXP models in the GUI. The box itself works fine in that sense.

This is really getting frustrating and I'm not sure at all what to do.
I did try and re-install the 11R drivers and that did nothing to help.

Kind of pointless for me to keep this box when this keeps happening. I guess I am just a bit frustrated at this point.

Not sure where to go or what to do.
I'm using an iMac i7 with 10.6.7 and 16GB RAM and Pro Tools 9.03

Any help is appreciated.
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