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Default Re: Updating Pro Tools and Mbox from Windows XP to Windows 7

You have 2 choices here. Say lots of prayers and buy the PT8 software, which MIGHT run your old Mbox on Windows 7 with a USB connection, but I don't hold a lot of hope there as its really not supported. Your better option is to buy a new interface that can run Pro Tools 8.0.4 or newer on Windows 7. That means at least the Mbox 2 series. There is no sure bet for making the old Mbox work on Windows 7 as it is past its prime(it has no support). You can likely buy a used Mbox 2 with Pro Tools 8, and hopefully the seller can download the updates for you and burn them onto a CD-R. Until(and unless) you are the registered owner of the software, you won't have access to the updates required for Win7. You might consider moving all your old sessions to an external drive and selling the old computer and Mbox as a complete working system(albeit an old one). Somebody might be happy to buy a turnkey setup to get started in recording. Since you are on 5.x, you will be stunned at the improvements in Pro Tools
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