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Default Re: Solo and Solo in Sends not coupled???

Right - reread my response.. "if the track is muted by another channel being soloed.. the pre send is not muted" -- This means you can have your cue sends on Pre and solo any tracks and it won't affect the cue mix.

Sorry, Rail, I do not understand that.
I open a new session.
I create 1 mono audio track.
I create in this a.t. a send (a) to the outputs 3-4 of my digi002r.
now I have the send Fader on screen. in there I hit PRE.
NOW - if I hit solo in the Channel (not the send) the send goes to solo, too.
and vice versa.

and what is SOLO ISOLATE? I have not found this in the manual. I would be very cool, if you could show me! or just tell me the page itīs on...

Thanks a lot, man!

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