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Default 888 to 01V 25pin to AES-EBU breakout box

Going to hook up an 01V via AES-EBU to 888.
I know sonically there are better ideas, but for right now here's the question. Yamaha says you will have to build a break-out box to go to XLR's I/O, from the 25 pin provided on the 01V.
I know Belden makes cable specifically for AES-EBU but what form of isolation or shielding must take place in the transitional break-out box, what are the precautions? I hate to blindly treat it like traditional audio. It appears shielding goes ka-poot when you tie into the cable going to the 25 pin. I haven't been able to locate any sources of information for this. Thank You for any help regarding this.
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