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Default Re: Workflow question with video

Originally Posted by LukeHoward View Post
Right, hehe :)

Yeah, I'm probably rare in that I compose in Pro Tools. Other composers that use Logic aren't bitten by the looping bug (as the underlying issue is Pro Tools emitting contiguous MTC when looping).

When I tested Video Slave 4 I had no problems with it doing anything I threw at it. Iím pretty sure I looped ProTools also and it followed. It mostly freed me from the short cycle bug and others that make the internal PT video unable to stop, and was otherwise indistinguishable from using PT video (except that it actually just worked all the time). In the end I didnít want another subscription so I didnít go with it, but having gone through an utter nightmare of unreliability in several sessions that added hours to my composing days, Iím looking at it again. (Honestly, Avid are a video company. Itís truly pathetic of them to tell us their own program needs to use another program for video.)

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